Me, my thoughts are flowers strewn
31 Days of Music- Day 5- A song that makes you happy

I smile everytime “Wilco (The Song)” comes on my itunes. Maybe Jeff Tweedy is just reinforcing what I always knew. Wilco actually loves me unconditionally….baby.

Is someone twisting a knife in your back, 
Are you being attacked, 
Oh, this is a fact, 
That you need to know, 
Oh, oh, oh, oh Wilco, 
Wilco will love you Baby

I will take their sonic shoulder and cry on it anyday. 

31 Days of Music- Day 3

This one is hard for me…memory escapes me.

I know for a fact I bought R.E.M. Reveal on cd, limited edition, and iTunes…so that counts! And that’s not even my favorite R.E.M. album…..there will be a lot of R.E.M. from me….

(first tumblr post- pressing ‘create’ and hoping this works!)